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Foreclosure Litigation And Civil Litigation

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An Experienced Lawyer For Foreclosure And Civil Litigation

The attorney at Martin Law P.A. doesn’t back down when it comes to a fight and will represent your interests efficiently and effectively to save you time and resources. Whether you need to fight a foreclosure notice or other civil charges, we’ll walk you through the legal process, so you never feel alone or misinformed.

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When Misunderstandings Have Serious Consequences

Wrongful foreclosure is often the result of a misunderstanding between the borrower and service provider, and it can have huge consequences. If you’ve received a notice of default and your service provider has started to take wrongful foreclosure actions against your property, a skilled real estate litigation attorney can help you file a wrongful disclosure action and apply for damages, if necessary. You may be eligible for compensation for emotional distress and punitive damages, depending on your situation.

Some reasons the notice of default may be incorrect include:

  • Payments that were misapplied
  • The service provider broke contractual obligations
  • Misunderstandings or unclear language about the use of partial payments
  • Quiet title
  • The bank or lender inappropriately inflicted emotional distress
  • Accounting errors

In many situations, the borrower has the money to pay their mortgage and other bills, but a misunderstanding could contribute to a bank taking action towards foreclosure. Keeping track of your monthly statements and responding to communications from your service provider can be the best way to prevent your property from going into wrongful foreclosure.

If you need knowledgeable and aggressive litigation to protect your home or other property, call Martin Law P.A. We have the experience to know how to negotiate and where to draw the line.

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